Best Laundry Baskets in UK

Laundry baskets may not be as exciting as other home purchases, but a good laundry basket will make your laundry task easier and get back to the things you love quickly. Within the house, the laundry basket can take on several roles. In the bathroom or the laundry room, it ….

10 Steps to an Organic Lawn & Garden

Being an organic gardener is not really that big a deal when all is said and done.  What is harder is changing our old habits and taking the time to learn the steps to go organic.  Here is my basic 10-step program to becoming an organic gardener. Step #1 – ….

Best Leaf Blowers

Come autumn and the yard gets filled a whole bunch of pretty leaves. But just looking at the multicolored pretty patterns is not enough. Sooner or later you are going to have to get those pesky things removed, stacked and packed for garbage disposal. And just thinking of the hard ….

Organic Gardening – Safe Gardening

Is organic gardening much more different that the traditional chemical gardening? To me, there is a big difference! When using chemicals like petroleum based products, you are feeding the plant. It is like your grass or garden being on steroids. You need to feed your plants regularly with fertilizers, and ….

Best Bug Zappers

I always feel that bug zapper or fly swatter is one great invention of our times. After all, try using your hands to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects and you will know what I mean. Out of every ten hand claps, you will probably be able to ….

Simple Organic Lawn Care Will Green Up Your Grass

If you want to put some organic lawn care and some extra green into your lawn, and into your life, or, if you just want to avoid using chemical fertilizers, weed sprays and bug killers to keep your grass looking healthy, the organic alternative is viable and easy. There are ….

Ways to Make your Garden Child Friendly

As we finally say goodbye to the snow, our attention turns to summer and the most important area of the home in this glorious season, the garden. Making the area child friendly is really important especially when our little ones are very inquisitive and tend to pick up every little ….

Best Lawn Mowers

If you have a huge lawn that needs trimming all the time, you can either get a grass trimmer which requires frequent line replacement as it often breaks or you can make your lawn care a simple and quick task by getting a quality lawn mower. If you have been ….

Best Loppers For Pruning

No two loppers are the same. The difference between a high-quality lopper and an inferior one can be like night and day. I learned this thing the hard way. Not only did I lose some hard earned dollars, but I also received a nice LECTURE from my wife. We have ….

Best String Trimmers in UK

Back when baby boomers were kids, suburban lawns were mostly clean-shaven thanks to the convenience of lawn mowers; backyard landscapes, on the other hand, lacked meticulous grooming of perfectly edged sidewalks, driveways, lawns and flowerbeds unless manual hand trimmers were utilized. In the early 1970s, the first string trimmers appeared ….