When it is time to go back to your garden and starting mowing again, it is good to ensure that everything is running properly. In case, you are having problems when it comes starting your lawn mower or any other issues to do with the engine then you have to performing some troubleshooting. Today we have brought you top 15 lawn mower parts troubleshooting guide.

  • Air filters-Lawn mowers have two main types of air filters namely paper and foam filters. Never run your lawn mower without the air filters because you will end up ruining the motor. In addition, do not clean the paper filters with the help of gas or solvent. Instead, you should use compressed air in order to remove any dirt. In case they are very dirty, then it is high time you thought about replacing them. On the hand, you can clean foam filters water and dish washing liquid before drying them with a rag.
  • Examine the gas cap- The gas cap acts as the source of ventilation hence you need to check whether is loose or bad.
  • Check whether the fuel line partially or fully clogged
  • Does the lawn mower have a gas filter? If it has confirm whether it is clear or not, if not replace it
  • Is the gas flowing into the mower’s carburetor? if not clean or replace it
  • Float control- If the carburetor is overflowing then you have to drain the oil or replace the damaged float.
  • Primer is not working -replace the diaphragm in case it has a hole or checks whether there is a hole within the gasket and fix it because air will find its way into the carburetor
  • Some brands of lawn mowers have chokes. Examine if the choke is working as expected or not. if not, consider replacing it with another
  • Spark plugs- your mower will not start in case there is no connection between the spark plugs. The other things that can prevent mower from sparking are safety switches.
  • Oil sensor- in case you have one, it helps to ensure that your engine only runs when there is oil.
  • Check the lawn mowers gasoline. If the gas in mower is more than 30 days old, replace it.
  • Build up clippings- when there is a buildup of clippings, lift the lower side of the mower so that you can clean it thoroughly
  • Mower smoking- the mowers tank could be excessively full
  • loss of power in the middle of the tasks- may fuel is not reaching the carburetor
  • Starter rope too hard to pull- this can happen when there is clogging in the mower

In conclusion, before you embark on the process of cutting grass in your home, ensure that your lawn mower is running properly. In case your mower cannot start or any other complications, you can check with the spark plugs, primer, float control, gas, oil sensor among other parts. In case you cannot detect the problem with your mower, simply seek for help from a technician.