Although there are many different types of corn such as ornamental, miniature and popcorn, this page is about growing sweet corn. If you’ve never tried it, let me tell you that there is nothing better than the taste of an ear of corn, pulled straight from your garden. The most important thing for the home gardener to remember when planting sweet corn is that it takes up a lot of space in the garden. Corn plants can grow anywhere from four to nine feet tall and the yield from each plant is extremely low for such a huge crop, usually only two ears per stalk. In my humble opinion, the taste is definitely worth it but if your garden is[…]

There is a big change in the way the patio is furnished with outdoor furniture. Instead of the drab traditional kinds, your eclectic options include the very attractive patio conversation sets. This is not just dining table and chairs. These patio furniture sets can be as plush as your indoor furniture. The sets consist of coffee tables, chairs, end tables, love seats and couches. Patio conversation sets are very varied today – in design and style as well as in materials and pricing. The choices are too diverse giving you a plethora of choices ranging from wrought iron to aluminum, wood, wicker and even plastic. This kind of outdoor furniture are designed to give users a relaxing atmosphere thus making[…]

One sure way to add aesthetic and monetary value to your property is to consider decorating your outdoors, particularly your patio, garden or lawn. And the best way to start with this goal is to review the furnishing of your outdoors. Patios are no longer confined to the purpose of being an extension of dining area. The patio is a space that will provide the most relaxing ambiance. To do this, you need to refurbish your outdoor with patio conversation sets. Why was it given the name “conversation”? Without even researching you will have the idea that this is a place for family exchanges, guest entertainment and would also serve as a cozy nook when you want to read or[…]

You may be one of the many homeowners who are indecisive in choosing the patio outdoor furniture. Your guide should be very simplistic – decide your preference. What you choose should not come in conflict with the other decorations of the house, especially the outdoors. Put a special emphasis on patio conversation sets as big attraction to your outdoor. This will project the kind of people living in the house. Over the years, there was a noticeable switch from the use of traditional furniture sets consisting of dining table and chairs. What more modern house owners opt for is the outdoor conversation sets. This latter kind comprise of a couch, love seats, chairs, coffee table and end table. With the[…]

Are you interested in placing a gazebo over your patio? Patio gazebos are an excellent idea for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors, regardless of the time of year. They will shelter your patio from the rain and wind of the winter, and will also keep you cool during the summer heat. There are many different patio gazebos types available today, and the one that you decide on should depend greatly upon the functionality that you are looking for. First, ask yourself how much space you would like the gazebo to cover. Do you want it to cover your entire patio? Just a portion of the patio? How much outdoor furniture would you ideally like to place under the patio[…]

If you’re thinking about starting a garden, the first thing you need to consider is what type of garden you will have.  There are many different choices and often it can be hard to pick just one, but hopefully you can narrow it down.  But by narrowing it down, you’ll make the gardening experience easier on yourself and the plants. If all your plants are similar, then it shouldn’t be very hard to care for them all. So here are some of the main garden ideas for you to choose from. If you’re just looking for something to look nice in your yard, you’ll want a flower garden. These are usually filled with perennial flower.  Perennial flowers are flowers which[…]

Here is a helpful list of five things to consider when planting your garden – they will help you maximize the many wonderful benefits there are to having your very own back yard grocery store. Choose plants and seeds according to what your family likes and eats. If everyone in your household hates greens, then there’s little point in stocking up on spinach and collards seeds. When you’re planning, leave room to succession plant. For a good supply of vegetables right through the summer and fall, you’ll want to plant at roughly two to three week intervals. If you plant everything at once, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a glut, all in one go. Greens, beans, root crops and squash[…]

We gardeners share a love for nature and for the protection of Mother Earth. Some of us just    groan when we hear about this river being polluted or that the frog population decreasing. One such piece of painful news is the decline of the bee population across the globe. Yes, I was afraid of bees when I was a kid and I would screech and run from fear of a bee sting, but little did I know the great contribution that bees provide to health of our gardens and we owe a debt to the service and food they provide How Bees Help Us More and more gardeners are interested in adding to the shrinking population of bees. We know[…]

“Entomophobia—the fear of insects.” Indeed, insects are one of the most feared creatures in the world today. This is understandable considering many of them look creepy. As such, it is not surprising to know that millions of people these days have either an aversion towards them or suffer from entomophobia. However, no matter how scary or bizarre their appearances are, insects are valuable and beneficial to the environment. To be more specific, there are certain types of insects that can help improve the productivity and vitality of your garden. Their contribution to your garden’s vigor—especially in the aspect of pest control—is so important that they are considered by many organic gardeners as essential “gifts for the garden”. Beneficial Insects Ground[…]

When you are looking for gardening gifts, you need to consider some factors so that you can make the best decision. One of these is the age as well as physical strength of the person you intend to buy the gift for. You need to ensure that they can use the tool you get for them. You can also consider the cost of the tool. There are many functional tools that will do as gifts for gardening mom that do not have to be expensive. You should remember that with gifts it is the thought that counts. A wearable gardening stool can be one of those gifts you can give your mom so that she does not have to crouch[…]