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12 Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips that Boost up Performance

Regular maintenance of lawn mower can go a long way towards enhancing the performance of the equipment, especially with the difficult conditions landscapers face and the long hours spent mowing in the field. Doing simple tasks such as reading operator’s manual, oiling parts, changing oil and keeping your machine clean, can greatly help boost up its performance. Below are top 12 lawn mower maintenance tips that boost up performance. Fuel Your Lawn Mower Correctly Read the operator’s manual to understand the criteria of adding gasoline and oil into your machine. When retiring the mower for the season, consider using...

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25 Essential Fall Gardening Tips that you Should Know

Do not let the summer mark the end of your gardening activities. There are quite a number of things that you can do to improve and maintain your garden during fall. Listed below are 25 essential fall gardening tips that you should know. Tips for Fall Gardening: 1. Tip number one is to ensure that you pick the right kind of plants for fall season. Some of the crops suited for fall conditions include: radishes, tunips, Swiss chard, carrots among many others. 2. Fall is the perfect time for fertilizing garden plants. Fertilizing during the fall allows your crops...

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