Author: Gracie Wood

Amending Your Garden Soil, Organically and Sustainably

Feed the Soil, Not the Plants When asked how to grow good vegetables, many gardeners and farmers will say “it starts with good soil.”  Soil is the foundation of your garden, it’s what feeds & aerates your plants.  Good soil is not just dirt, it is is a microcosm filled with microorganisms (hundreds of millions per gram!) that transform organic matter into food your plants can digest. Only with good soil will your plants thrive. Soil Testing The first thing you should do before planting a new garden is to test the soil to find out what nutrients it...

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Best Electric Fly Killers

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more annoying than having a fly buzz you as you try to cook, or wash dishes or just watch the TV…and after being buzzed by more than enough flies in my time, I have decided to share my knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t. They’re always going to be around to bug us, make no mistake. I’ve lived in the country and in the middle of cities, and they’re just the same wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if you live next to a cow farm or next to...

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