7 Flowering Plants For Indoor Decorating

7 Flowering Plants For Indoor Decorating

During the Winter, many a gardener, like me, enjoys bringing a bit of the outdoors in, to brighten up and give a feeling of warmth to our indoor atmosphere. Many flowering garden plants can be potted and taken in during the winter, like impatiens, geraniums and begonias. These are plants that you can grow all through the year, indoors and out but they do require warm temperatures and different light requirements to flower.

If you would like to have some flowering indoor plants during this time of the year, there are quite a few to choose from. What you can grow will depend on what is available to you from your local garden centre, how much space you have, indoor temperature and amount of sunlight or lighting in your area.

7 Indoor Flowering Plants

Plants, especially flowering ones, seem to give us a sense of well being and for many, a source of enjoyable activity indoors, when you can’t plant outdoors. They also provide us with a venue to add to our decor and many also have the added bonus of being beneficial indoor air cleaners.
Below are 7 flowering plants that you can grow in your home, to add color to your home decor and brighten up your surroundings. If properly cared for, many indoor plants can last for years. Some indoor plants may be easier to grow then others, so having a proper care guide is a good idea.

Caution should always be taken for any plant that you plan on growing in your home, around children or pets. If you have children or pets, check any plant beforehand for toxicity and keep toxic or prickly plants away from them or keep only non-toxic varieties.


Kalanchoe UK
A very pretty long lasting flowering plant that doesn’t need a lot of water or sunlight. The indoor varieties are usually about 2″-4″ tall and they are well known for their thick green leaves with bunches of tiny flowers in red, pink, orange or white blooms. They like to have a well drained soil and should not be over watered or be put in direct sunlight, but are otherwise an easy care plant.

African Violet

This is another flowering plant that doesn’t like to become water logged, or get it’s leaves wet. It does like to stay moist and well drained, in a light to partial shaded warm area but not direct sunlight. They do look very decorative, placed together in groups and in a shallow container because of their low growing nature.

Amarylis Bulbs

This very lovely flowering bulb likes to grow in a cozy fitting pot and in a warm place. The bulbs can be sprouted, during the late fall or winter and can bloom around 7 to 10 weeks after planting. They are also a long blooming plant and having a few bulbs blooming and grouped together, make for a beautiful show of Spring flower decor.


This is a common house plant that is popular as a plant that many people like to give others, as a gift.

Although it is an easy plant to take care of, you do need to follow a few steps, so that it becomes a long lasting plant. They like medium light and not direct sunlight, also, cooler temperatures of about 55 to 65 degrees F., for the blooms to last. Watering them below their leaves in a well drained pot and given some humidity, is a good idea.


Begonias are one of my favorite plants for many reasons. Depending on the variety, they can be grown indoors all through the year and you can plant them outdoors during the summer. They like to have light but not be in full sunlight, kept moderately moist and fed about once a week. If you have any planted outdoors, take them in before the frost gets to them.


Another of my favorites, whether indoors or outdoors, geraniums are sun loving plants but will tolerate semi-shade conditions. They flower all through the growing season outdoors in a sunny location and may bloom indoors, if they are given enough sunlight and cool temperatures. They can make a lovely window display, alone or in a mixed planter, with other flowering indoor plants.

I’ve taken these plants indoors, in the late fall, before frost and kept them in a cool area during the Winter. The leaves may turn yellow if they are too warm and don’t have enough humidity, but they don’t like to stand in water either.


Impatiens can be grown indoors and outdoors…

These are also a favorite of mine, as they bloom throughout the year and in a semi-shade area. They need plenty of water and don’t like to go dry, for if they do, they start to droop and wilt. They are quite easy to propagate and make more plants from, just by taking cuttings and putting the cuttings into a container of water for a few weeks. Once you see roots form, you can plant them in a pot, filled with regular potting soil and water well.

If you have them planted outside though, you must take them in before the frost, if you want to grow any inside.

They come in many shades of red, pink, peach, white and some in bi-colors, depending on their variety.

Indoor Gardening and Flowering Plant Guides

These are just a few flowering plants that you may want to try out and add to your indoor decorating ideas.

For more detailed information, choice and care on any of these plants or others, you can check with your local nursery or garden center. A plant guide is also helpful and handy to have on hand for reference and I have listed a few below.

By learning about each specific plant for its individual needs and requirements, you will be giving your plants the best care that they need to grow and stay healthy.