A Few Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Learning about our carbon footprint and doing our part for our planet and the future of our children is important. So take a few minutes and read what Wikipedia has to say about our Carbon Footprint.

How To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Below are a few ways you and I can reduce the carbon footprint of putting food on the table.

  1. Buy Locally Grown – Learn where you can buy locally and organically grown produce. Get out to your local farmer’s market and see what you learn and be sure to check the labels on products you buy at your grocer to find those closest to home.
  2. Leave The Car At Home – People car pool for work purposes all the time but few think of car pooling for groceries. Every time you start your car you are contributing to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Grow Your Own Produce – Every little bit of produce you can grow yourself is that much that doesn’t need greenhouse gas producing vehicles to deliver it.
  4. Get A Rain Barrel – Gardens need water to produce healthy produce and what better place to get water than from the sky. Invest in a rain barrel or two to catch rain water.
  5. Compost, Reuse or Recycle – It’s too easy to just throw something away and then it needs to be transported to the local landfill. Instead try reusing or recycling what it’s possible. We also added a composter to reduce our carbon footprint.
  6. Try One Stop Shopping – Find a location close to home where you can buy most of what you need in your daily life rather than driving around town looking to save a few pennies because the more you drive the more greenhouse gases you’re producing and the bigger your carbon footprint.
  7. Plant A Tree – Trees are the lungs of the earth so  why not plant a few trees to help cut down on the greenhouse gases we ourselves produce. Teach your children early so it’s part of them and let them help you help the planet.
  8. Use Solar Energy – Instead of using grow lights to start your garden seeds find a window that provides direct sunlight and turn off the lights. We have to use two windows to get enough direct sunlight for healthy starter plants because our children are worth it.
  9. Buy in season produce – Out of season products need to be kept in refrigerators which consumes lot of energy, and more fuel to ship in from places where it is in season.
  10. When you mow the lawn, leave the clippings spread across the grass. It decomposes and fertilizes the ground.

Below are some sites to help you learn more about greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint:

  1. David Suzuki – Reducing your carbon footprint
  2. How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s great if you go wild and make big changes in your life to help reduce greenhouse gases but really if we all just do a few things it can have huge positive results. So the next time you drive to another town to get gas or groceries to save a few dollars think about your carbon footprint you’re leaving your children and their children.