Author: Gracie Wood

6 Ways to Deer Proof Your Garden

Being an animal lover, I think deer are adorable. But when they decide that your garden is their next 5-course meal, they become much less cute.  Here are some ecological practices you can use to help keep deer out of your garden. #1 Choose Deer Resistant Plants The reality is that plants can only be deer resistant, not deer proof.  If deer are hungry, and after a long difficult winter, possibly very hungry,  there is little knowing what they may eat.  Regardless, you should still try to plant as many deer resistant plants as possible.   In general, deer tend...

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Gardening 101: Container Gardening

This weekend I planted a very special part of my garden: the pots of succulents that grace my front steps and the kitchen pot garden that I keep on my back deck.  Why? Container gardening gives you options that you might not otherwise have in gardening: Plants that can be moved with the sun Plants where you want them, whether there is dirt or not Plants to experiment with Plants even when you have very little space. Plants replaceable for seasonal color. How to Get Started: Start with your Pot.  Think where you’ll be putting your container.  If it’s...

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Planning Your Garden Your Own Way

When our first gardening year was ending and winter had set in, I looked through the numerous seeds left over and realized something. I had succumbed to societal pressure when I decided what to grow. ‘Well, everyone plants xxx, so of course I should plant xxx.’  As a result, I spent a lot of time planting, nurturing, and devoting valuable resources to things we don’t really eat.  And I didn’t plant things we eat a lot. Herbs are a great example.  For instance, I planted a whole lot of marjoram and oregano.  Love it, and it’s pretty easy to grow.  But...

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Top 5 Considerations Before Buying Seeds

I could be the poster child for Seeders Anonymous. I have a black thumb when it comes to starting seeds indoors. Every few years I get ambitious about using plants started from seed, drool over seed catalogues, spend entirely too much money and order more seed than I could possibly have room to start indoors. Once the seed arrives, I procrastinate, struggle with making a decision on how to start the seeds, and then ultimately forget to water at a crucial time in the seedling’s development. My first steps in overcoming my problem is to admit I am powerless...

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My Top 12 Easy Vegetables To Grow From Seed

First and foremost, I just want to remind you that this is all my opinion, based on my own experience, reading, and learning. When it comes to gardening, there is no one be-all-end-all way to do anything. So please take what I suggest here and apply it to your own needs. Try it, use what works, and adapt as necessary. In Situ vs. Ex Situ In situ means “in the place,” and refers to seeds you plant directly in the ground; rather than seeds that you germinate in flats and then transplant – ie, ex situ. I’m explaining this...

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