Author: Gracie Wood

How To Plant Garlic

It’s time to plant garlic in the Northern Hemisphere!  I encourage you all to try this as it is so easy, and extremely rewarding. There are all sorts of lovely types of garlic to try – some mild, some spicy, some long keepers, some beautiful braiders, and some just mouthwatering! We had a lovely crop of garlic this year.  And let me tell you that garlic is pretty darn resilient.  We planted our garlic in mid- and late November.  It sprouted and looked lovely.  Then we moved at the end of April and brought some of the garlic with...

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8 Common Gardening Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Gardening is all about trial and error, but who wants the errors? Learn how to avoid some common mistakes-and enjoy your best gardening season ever. Whether we’re beginners or experts, we’ve all made mistakes in the garden. Sometimes it’s a matter of overwatering or underwatering. Sometimes we put a plant in the wrong place. Or maybe we don’t amend the soil properly. Making mistakes is part of the process, but it’s nice to avoid them altogether. Here are eight common gardening mistakes and how to prevent them: Mistake 1: Drowning or underwatering plants Some gardeners water too much, and...

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Amending Your Garden Soil, Organically and Sustainably

Feed the Soil, Not the Plants When asked how to grow good vegetables, many gardeners and farmers will say “it starts with good soil.”  Soil is the foundation of your garden, it’s what feeds & aerates your plants.  Good soil is not just dirt, it is is a microcosm filled with microorganisms (hundreds of millions per gram!) that transform organic matter into food your plants can digest. Only with good soil will your plants thrive. Soil Testing The first thing you should do before planting a new garden is to test the soil to find out what nutrients it...

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