Best Waste Disposal in UK

Best Waste Disposal in UK

Perhaps one of the most common problems that people have these days is getting rid of food waste or garbage. Thousands of pounds (perhaps millions) of food waste are produced each day not just in one place or state alone but all over the world. The growing number of garbage today seemed endless and even if there are ways to manage them, it is not enough.

This is why it is important that each household knows how to dispose their garbage properly and with the help of the best garbage disposals (also known as food waste disposer), each one of us can reduce the production of these mounting garbage problems.

In order to do that, you must first educate yourself about the different kinds of garbage disposal units that you can use at home or even at your working place. Isn’t it wonderful if we can somehow minimize the amount of garbage we throw away? If this is what you have in mind then you need to read these reviews and see which of these garbage disposal units will work best for you.

What is a Garbage Disposal (or Food Waste Disposer)?

A food waste disposer or garbage disposal is a compact, cylinder-shaped unit that fits under your kitchen sink (normally attaching straight onto the plug hole). The unit has a power electric motor that spins a grinding system that can chop up and grind food waste as it’s pushed into the sink’s plug hole. Since a food waste disposer is normally attached directly to the bottom of the sink, the manufacturers have devised quick-fit ways of bolting the units under the drain and then connecting them to the trap in your sink’s plumbing. The disposer also needs to be wired in to the electric supply and to a switch (often mounted on the wall or in a special hole drilled into the sink) to control its operation.

The original models were incredibly noisy in use, making it hard to hear yourself think, let alone hold a conversation. The latest garbage disposers use nylon grinding chambers and have special insulation panels to reduce the noise considerably when grinding anything from corn cobs to chicken bones.

Thanks to their convenience, the popularity of units keeps growing: with over 50% of homes in the US fitted with a disposer, and are growing in popularity in the UK and countries such as Sweden (which encourages their installation to help increase the production of biogas as a natural fuel bi-product).

Best Food Waste Disposer in UK 2020

Best Food Waste Disposer Reviews

InSinkErator 75275 Stainless Steel Evolution 200 Food Waste Disposer

This garbage disposal unit is 60% quieter than standard ones and it has 3 different grind stages to quickly and effectively get rid of your waste. A lot of people have experiences with those dreadful loud ones, and had to decide whether to use it and risk waking the baby (and everyone else in the house!) or not to use it at all, but modern ones are much better. This disposal unit has a jam sensor circuit to break up any jams. When you turn this machine on you can barely hear it run but it has a huge amount of horsepower so it is super-effective.


  • Three stage grind technology for a finer grind
  • 60% quieter than standard units
  • Large grind chamber (1005ml),Drain Connection 1-1/2″ (3.81 cm) Anti-Vibratiob (Hose Clamp)
  • Auto-reverse action
  • Easy to install and can be fitted to new or existing sinks
InSinkErator 76933 Evolution 100 Waste Disposal Unit

For what you get, this disposer is very reasonably priced. It is 40% or more quieter than standard units and it has a 2 stage grinding operation to grind even difficult foods. This unit will fit will in most kitchens and the quick-lock sink mount means it is easy to install. You get a 6 year warranty on parts and labor too in case anything does go wrong. The quietness of this one is going to be the first thing to delight you but then when you realize just how capable this model is you will find plenty more to appreciate and love about it.


  • Two stage grind technology for a finer grind
  • 40% quieter than standard units
  • Large grind chamber (1005ml)
  • Auto-reverse action
  • Easy to install and can be fitted to new or existing sinks

Choosing the Best Food Waste Disposer

When it comes to finding a garbage disposal there are many choices on the market today. There are various brands that sell different types of models; all of the choices can be overwhelming. There are some key features you might not be aware of. For instance their are waste disposers that are quieter, more powerful, and some with safety features. Each home or business needs a garbage disposal that functions properly and is compatible with your needs.  A garbage disposal is a necessity to maintain a cleaner environment and to prevent drainage issues.

Most new garbage disposal have an easy assemble with the drain under the sink, so you can make this a quick do it your self project. Especially, if the sink is continually getting clogged, leaks, or it grinds just way to loud. So how do you choose the best garbage disposal to fit your needs?  Here are some helpful tips to follow to assist you in finding the best garbage disposal.

Horsepower (HP)

This is a measure of the power of the electric motor inside the unit. The motor spins a series of blades and grinding wheels that chop and grind the food. The greater the power, the greater the ability of the unit to cope with lots of use and bigger, harder items (like bones). There are three main bands of horsepower:

0.50 horsepower garbage disposal: this and the smaller 0.30 hp units are designed for light use, typically coping with the waste produced by an individual living alone.

0.75 horsepower garbage disposals: three quarter horsepower units are designed for typical family use and so are the most popular models sold. These will cope with most food waste that is generated from a single meal.

1.00 horsepower garbage disposals: these are heavy-duty units that are designed for large families and offices.

Grinding Stage

Standard garbage disposal models feature 1 grinding stage which tears and pulverizes the food into small particles. There are also models that feature multiple grinding stages (2 or 3) that effectively liquefies the food waste so it passes easily through plumbing and breaks down quicker making it better for the environment.

Sound proofing

You don’t want to drown out the conversation in the kitchen with a disposal unit that’s too noisy! Make sure you read the user reviews when making a final choice.


Installing a garbage disposal unit is not particularly difficult if you are confident with some basic pipework and wrench. However, most folk find it easier to get a local handyman or plumber in to make sure there are no leaks! If you want to tackle the job yourself, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

When comparing models, make sure you check the size of the unit to be sure there’s enough space under your sink.


Almost all units now have robust stainless steel grinding blade,s discs and chambers, so they’re all similarly durable (assuming you don’t regularly over-load the unit because you chose too low a horsepower rating).

Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed

There are two main types of operating mode for disposers: continuous feed and batch feed.

continuous feed garbage disposer is most commonly used operating method – the unit needs to be switched (or the unit switches on automatically via a sensor) and you need to turn on the faucet so there’s plenty of water running through the unit. The motor in the unit then operates continuously whilst you push food into the plug hole opening. Once you’ve finished, switch off the unit and then turn off the faucet a few seconds later.

To operate a batch feed disposer, you need to push food waste into the unit, then insert a plug into the plug hole which switches on the motor in the unit which crushes and disposes the waste. This is safer and means the unit isn’t running continuously, but it’s not as convenient as being able to feed food waste into the unit.


Cost, a very important factor when looking for a garbage disposal.  Just because it is the most expensive brand does not mean it is the best garbage disposal.  The main pricing difference is due to the power of the unit’s electric motor – stated as horsepower and generally in the 1/3 to 1 HP range, and the quality of the grinding components (cheaper units use galvanized steel, premium units use stainless steel components). A more powerful motor can grind and crush tough food waste without jamming. Compare a few brands, reading all of the specifications for each garbage disposal.

Clean Regularly to Avoid Jamming

It’s a very convenient alternative to just throwing food waste into the trash can – and the disposer will grind up pretty much any food from chicken bones to corncobs. If you’re pushing through a lot of fatty food waste, you should also look to clean your disposal unit regularly using a good garbage disposal cleaner to remove the build-up and reduce potential odors. (If your unit has got clogged up or jammed, read our guides to help fix your problem.)

Connections to The Sewage System

In general, if your house is on a sewage system, then the ground food waste will be sent via your sewage pipes to the local municipal wastewater processing plant where it’s normally processed back into bio-solids that can be used as fertilizer or bio-fuel.

If your municipal district requires you to pre-process the waste, or if you are connected to a private cesspit or storage tank, then you should look at some of the specialist disposers that are designed to work in a more environmentally-friendly way and avoid blockages – they do this by starting the natural process of waste decomposition as soon as the food is ground down. These models include a separate tank connected to the disposer that injects bio culture into the food waste to help break it down as it moves through the sewage system.