Best Laundry Baskets in UK

Best Laundry Baskets in UK

Laundry baskets may not be as exciting as other home purchases, but a good laundry basket will make your laundry task easier and get back to the things you love quickly.

Within the house, the laundry basket can take on several roles. In the bathroom or the laundry room, it accommodates dirty laundry before it is put in the washing machine. Or it can serve as a container for household linen such as bath towels, washcloths. However, it is not confined just to the bathroom. In a bedroom or living room, it can be used as storage for additional throws or cushions. This is why this home accessory must often combine practicality and aesthetics in order to be able to be easily installed in any room of the house.


How to choose the best laundry basket in UK 2021

The laundry basket fulfills multiple roles in everyday life. While it is usually used to store dirty clothes, it is also used to store fabrics before drying. Whatever its purpose, its aesthetic aspect contributes to the decoration of the bathroom. To find out how to choose the best laundry baskets of 2021, here are the factors to consider before purchasing.

The material

Many prefer the fabric model with its practicality. Comparing it to its competitors, it differs in its lightness. If your washing machine is upstairs, and your bathroom is downstairs, that won’t be a problem for you. You will have no trouble carrying it up the stairs even if it is loaded. When not in use, you can fold it up and store it away for a minimum of clutter.

For those who want to break up the monotonous style, the wooden copy is a good option. It leaves a serene and warm aspect in the room. Customizable, this material can be painted according to your tastes. Solid, it ensures the stability of the basket. Wicker presents itself as another alternative with natural materials. Due to its resistance to humidity, it is suitable for the bathroom. The baskets resulting from this finish are distinguished by their beautiful appearance. Design, they become a unique art object decorating your interior.

Bamboo also finds its place in modern homes. Besides its ecological nature, it prevents the development of molds. Comparing it to wood, the drops of water do not scare him. It seems almost unalterable.

If you are looking for an inexpensive item, the plastic model will suit you very well. Despite its cost, it has many advantages. Lightweight, it is easy to handle and transport. Best of all, it doesn’t retain any stains. Its cleaning does not require any particular technique. It keeps its shine with ease. Some brands also use stainless steel in the design of the basket. This material gives a touch of modernity to the room. It prevents the diffusion of odors.

The capacity

The next thing to consider is the capacity of the laundry basket. Varying from 30 liters to 100 liters for domestic models, it is proportional to the number of people as well as individuals daily habits. The 30 liter models are suitable for 1 to 2 people while the models over 60 liters will be ideal for families of 4 people and more. However, it is necessary to provide a significant space, because the product takes up enough space.

If you have a small bathroom, it is better to turn to another copy. It turns out to be possible to offer a small basket to each member of the family. This solves the problem of clutter.

Ease of use

To keep your whole house tidy, there’s nothing quite like carrying an easy-to-move item. Prefer baskets with handles. These make it easier to wear. They must be sturdy so as not to let go of you in full use. Casters can replace them. They turn this action into a real pleasure. You just have to push the bin and it will move by itself.

If the copy does not have the handles or the tires, a light basket must be found. Otherwise, your arms may suffer with every back-and-forth movement. A collapsible item is also an interesting choice. Often in fabric, it can be stored in your suitcase when not in use.

If you are used to sorting laundry before washing, choose a product with compartments. If one is used for colored clothes, the other for white. There are also baskets with a third section reserved for fragile fabrics.

The aesthetic side

The wicker basket is still trendy now. On the other hand, if you want to leave a zen side in the bathroom, choose a bamboo or wooden model. We also come across colorful items. They provide a more dynamic design in the place where you install them. To find the right product, consider the decor style of the room. As for the shape, refer to the configuration of the chamber. We have rounded, rectangular or square models on the market.

How to choose a sturdy laundry basket?

The purchase of a laundry basket needs to pay attention to his longevity . This product must be able to withstand several years without deteriorating. For this, the strength of a laundry basket lies in the materials of design . There are several types found on laundry baskets:

  • The stainless steel laundry basket : this solid and design material generally has a lid and prevents odors from spreading in the room. The stainless steel is not afraid of moisture and will place the laundry basket in a damp room. The main drawback is that it leaves fingerprints and dust visible . It will need to be cleaned regularly.
  • The wooden laundry basket : integrating perfectly into the spaces, the wood can be natural or painted . Resistant over time, it is necessary to focus more on exotic woods which are less afraid of humidity.
  • The plastic laundry basket : this very light material allows it to be easily transported from one room to another. It is easy to maintain and is sold at a low price . However, the impact resistance is less important.
  • The fabric laundry basket : particularly light , the fabric allows it to be easily moved and cleaned in the washing machine. Combined with a structure made of solid materials , it will be more stable and more aesthetic .
  • The vegetable fiber laundry basket : bamboo and wicker are increasingly used materials. They are resistant to humidity and shock . However, over time, the plant fiber can deteriorate and could catch your clothes.


Q1: How do I hide my laundry basket?

When it’s loaded with dirty fabrics, we can’t wait to cover it up. Guests should not notice his presence . If some people install it in the hallway near the bedroom door, others put it in a column that goes upstairs in the laundry room. Many also hide it in the dressing room. No one will notice its presence in it.

Either way, everyone seems embarrassed about their existence. Even if we prefer to camouflage it, it must still be visible to children. Otherwise, their dirty clothes are scattered around the house.

To solve this problem, manufacturers offer designer copies. With them you have nothing to hide. A pretty basket is displayed without complex anywhere in your home. Some dare to put it in the living room, others in the bathroom. It is an interesting solution to give the latter a second youth. You just have to choose the product that matches the look of your interior design. There is something for everyone, from the most chic to the most original, from the most clever to the most practical.

Q2: How to make a laundry basket?

If you some handyman skills, you can make your bin yourself. The advantage lies not only in saving money, but above all in the reliability of its durability. Sometimes it happens to spend a large amount, when the product tears rather quickly. To avoid this situation, jump into action.

Start by gathering your instruments as well as your raw material. If you are working with planks, have a jigsaw, wood glue, journals or drill.

On the other hand, if you choose the fabric, use a sewing machine for speed. The preparation requires quality linen, otherwise the basket will not last long. Also, if you go for the fibers that are thick enough, make sure your device treats them. Some equipment is not capable of this.

Collect two different canvases, one is reserved for the outer part and the other for the lining. Cut them according to the desired dimensions of the bag and then go to sewing. Remember to leave a wide opening to accommodate the contents. Once these steps have been followed, all you have to do is gather the fabrics and voila.

Q3: Where to put my laundry basket?

With the advancement in the design of this kind of equipment, there is no need to cover it up. On the contrary, you can display it for an aesthetic touch in the room. The wicker copies are sometimes installed in the living room. Next to the sofa, they are used to store cushions or throws. It will bring a vintage look. Some also put them in the entrance. They offer an original welcome to your guests.

The majority find their corner in the bathroom or in the laundry room. These items are often made from plastic, bamboo or fabrics. It is also convenient to install them in the bedroom. The bin prevents dirty clothes from scattering on the bed.