Best Lawn Mowers

Best Lawn Mowers

If you have a huge lawn that needs trimming all the time, you can either get a grass trimmer which requires frequent line replacement as it often breaks or you can make your lawn care a simple and quick task by getting a quality lawn mower. If you have been using a grass trimmer, you will know how frustrating it is to replace the twine, especially when it got tangled in the motor housing. It’s even more troublesome if you’re using a gas-powered grass trimmer as you have to deal with the gas and oil mixture, as well as the tune up and maintenance routines. Furthermore, because of its heavy weight, it can be quite tiring on the hands if you use it for more than a few minutes.

An electric start lawn mower on the other hand, is very easy on the hands as you do not need to carry it with your hands to operate it. With a push of the start button, the mower’s steel blade will start spinning away and you can pretty much push it around like a shopping cart to mow your lawn. This makes the whole yard trimming process fun and quick.

The problem is that finding a great lawn mower is not so easy. You need to check lots of products and the reviews for each one, and that’s quite annoying.

But don’t worry, because I’ve solved this problem for you. On this page you are going to find the top-picks for this 2020. You won’t have to waste your precious time any longer! Because right now you have the best lawn mowers for this year in the same place!

If you are short in time, check out this comparison chart of top 5 lawn mowers of 2020, or read reviews below

First off, let’s start by checking this useful buyer guide.

Buyer Guide: How to Find the Best Lawn Mower in UK?

You need to know that there are three types in the market:

  1. Manual-reel
  2. Self-propelled
  3. Push

The question is: which one should you choose? In order to help you with this, I will explain you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mower. Let’s start by reviewing the manual-reel mower.

Manual-Reel Mower:

If you are an old-school man, then this might be your perfect pick. Because the unique thing you need to move it and make it cut the grass of your garden is the strength of your muscles. Nothing more than that. If you want to feel very manly, then this is mower you must get. On top of that, it’s a great way to stay in shape.


  1. No pollution. If you are an environmentally-conscious person, then you should consider buying a mower of this type, because it doesn’t generate any kind of pollution.
  2. Affordable price. In comparison to modern options, a manual-reel mower is more affordable. If you want to save some or many dollars, then this may be your best pick.
  3. Pretty quiet. Another good feature about these mowers is that they are pretty quiet. If you cannot stand a lot of noise, then this may be the solution for you.
  4. In comparison to other more-modern models, it’s a lot safer to use.
  5. Even though you won’t get a full workout out of this, it’s for sure a great way to stay in shape.


  1. Bad for tall grass. Cutting grass taller than 1 inch and half with this type of mower can be real tough job. It’s not very efficient for tall grass.
  2. Extra effort. It’s evident, with this option you will have to put some extra work.
  3. No bag. You will have to collect the cut grass on your own means.
  4. More blade sharpening and adjustment
  5. Not advisable for large and big lawns

Self-Propelled Mower:

Normally these are powered by either gas or electricity. They make things easier for you, since you don’t have to solely rely on your strength to make it work. The electricity-powered ones come equipped with a battery or a cord that can be plugged to your nearest electrical outlet.

On the other hand we have the gas-powered ones. As the name clearly implies, you need to put gas in them to use them. But you will be happy to know that these have a powerful 4-cycle engine which usually comes with a power of 160-190 cubic centimeter displacement.

Now it’s time to check the pros and cons for this kind.


  1. Efficient for almost every type of lawn. Here you will be able to cut a large lawn without problems, this is where it’s superior to the manual-reel version. Making it perfect for most lawns.
  2. It can handle thick grass and weed without problems.
  3. The electric version, just like the manual-reel, doesn’t produce any kind of pollution.
  4. It automatically fills the bag, so you don’t have to do the hard work on your own.


  1. The gas powered-version is not eco-friendly.
  2. They can be very noisy, especially the gas-powered mower.
  3. The gas-powered mower requires regular maintenance, which includes changing the oil and tune-ups.

Push Mower:

Just like the self-propelled ones, you can also find gas or electricity powered mowers under this section.

And similarly to our previous category, the gas version of this mower also has a nice 4-cycle engine, with a great 140-190-cubic-centimeter displacement, which is quite powerful as we have previously seen.

On the other hand we have the electric models, which unlike their gas-powered counterpart, use a cord plugged to an electric outlet to work. And they do not have a 4-blade engine, but a system that cuts the grass with the help of a rotating blade.


  1. Just like self-propelled mowers, these can also handle most types of lawns, which includes very thick and tall grass or weeds.
  2. It doesn’t require much physical effort.
  3. The electric model doesn’t produce emissions, making it environment-friendly.
  4. Most of these mowers come with a helpful rear bag, which will take care of collecting everything you cut.


  1. Gas version is very noisy, even more than the self-propelled one. And also produces emissions.
  2. Again, the gas version requires regular maintenance which includes scheduled oil changes and regular tune-ups in order to work well.

Electric Versus Gas Mowers

Gas mowers, from the name itself, are powered by gasoline or other kinds of liquid fuel. They usually use a manual pull crank to be powered up although some models also use electric starters. They often have greater power and distance range. Using gasoline can be very expensive though, and means that this type of mower requires more maintenance.

The spark plug and air filter needs to be replaced every so often, for instance. Also, the gas can emit fumes, which means that it creates more air pollution. It can also be very noisy as well.

The pollution, cost and noise can be eliminated using the electric lawn mower. The electric consumption, depending on the size of the mower and the size of lawn, is not as costly as buying gas every time and will make very little difference to your current energy consumption.

Electric mowers are also a whole lot quieter than its gasoline counterparts, making it perfect to use in a quiet household in a quiet neighborhood. Of course, electric mowers also eliminate the emissions that gas mowers have, making it safer and more environment friendly to use.

Corded Versus Cordless Electric Mowers

Electric mowers can either be corded or cordless, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Corded electric mowers limit your reach and you would have to watch out for the cord to make sure that you don’t run over it as you go around your lawn.

This can be easily taken cared of by laying out your trip, starting in areas nearest the electric outlet moving away from it, so that the cord will be trailing behind you. You can get rid of this problem if you use a cordless mower, although this means having to carry batteries around as you mow your lawn, adding some weight onto the machine.

Best Lawn Mowers in UK 2020

1. TACKLIFE Lawnmower, 1600W Electric Lawn Mower
best lawn mowers
If you want to keep your lawn in shape without pouring in a lot of sweat and time, you should get the TACKLIFE Lawnmower, 1600W Electric Lawn Mower in a heartbeat. Powered by a high-speed motor, this lawn mower performs brilliantly. It’s lightweight, yet very powerful. Also, the blades on this thing are sharp as hell. Seriously, this machine works like there’s no tomorrow. So, this is not one of those products that have been manufactured at a low cost to keep the profit margin high. This lawn mower has top-notch quality written all over it.
The Good Things:
  • Nothing compares to the easy assembly of this product. To make matters easy, you can also hop on to Youtube to follow a visual demonstration of the assembling process.
  • Many mowers are a pain in the butt to operate. But, that’s not the case with the TACKLIFE Lawnmower. The mower is easy to operate, even if you are not a regular gym-goer.
  • This lawnmower is truly very well-made. So, you won’t come across random discoveries of its flaws with every passing day. And, this thing will keep going for many years without any fuss.
The Bad Things:
  • It’s not a low-end model. So, you won’t get this lawn mower at a shoestring budget. That said, this TACKLIFE product is easily worth every dime you spend on it.
2. WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower
best lawn mowers UK
If you like the concept of a battery-operated mower, this lawn mower should find a place in your shopping cart. It works perfectly enough to put some of the high-end corded mowers to shame. And, it’s not a heavy item. Also, there are sufficient adjustment options on this device to accommodate both tall and short users and to allow the unit to keep going even in dense grass. Moreover, this thing stays charged for an ample amount of time. Even those who held back their reviews thinking that the machine will give them problems down the road did come back later to sing praises about the product.
The Good Things:
  • For a lawnmower, this thing is damn compact. On first impression, it almost feels like you ordered a toy. But, this tool will totally impress you with its amazing cutting performance.
  • The fact that it’s a cordless machine, you won’t have trailing electric cables coming in your way. So, you will be happy every moment using it.
  • The reviews about this lawn mower are not wrong at all. It’s truly a fantastic battery-operated mower that has almost no equal competition for its price point.
The Bad Things:
  • It might take some practice to pull out the battery from the machine. That said, you will get good at it after a few attempts. So, the struggle will be temporary.
3. Bosch Rotak 43 Lawnmower
best lawn mowers 2019
If you need a high-end lawnmower that will keep going for several years and beyond, feel free to pull the trigger on the Bosch Rotak 43 Lawnmower. This mower is quieter, lighter, and more powerful than its counterparts. It can cut through all lengths of grass without any fuss. Because of how efficient this tool is, you will no longer hate the grass cutting activity. Yes, this machine will make your work much easier than usual. It’s as easy as using a vacuum cleaner, Moreover, its low running cost and higher durability will easily compensate for the tad bit higher asking price.
The Good Things:
  • This Bosch product is not a Chinese crap. For those who don’t know, the Bosch Rotak 43 Lawnmower is proudly made in the UK with the highest degree of craftsmanship.
  • The lawn mower is pretty easy to operate and light enough to easily move around. It works best on wet grass. And, this thing will also go near the edges where other mowers might fail you.
  • This mower has all the height settings that you would need to cut your lawn. And, this machine suits both left and right-handed folks out there.
  • The machine works wonderfully without putting too much pressure on the motor. Therefore, it’s bound to last longer than other similar machines.
The Bad Things:
  • The grass box fills up fairly quickly. So, you might feel the need to empty it frequently. That said, this issue won’t exist if you have a small garden.
4. Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower
best lawn mowers
This Flymo mower is small, agile, and powerful, all at the same time. It works hard. Therefore, you won’t have to work too hard. This thing can cut through grass like a hot knife through butter. It’s actually so quick that it will clear out your garden in less time than other similar units. The best part is that the grass cutting gets nicely deposited in the grass box without any hiccups. Your lawn will look almost like a billiard table. The price of the product is also reassuringly inexpensive. This mower offers a serious competition to other branded lawn mowers out there.
The Good Things:
  • The Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower has a cheap price to it. But, it’s not cheaply built. You will wonder why everyone is paying more for other units.
  • One of the competition-destroying features of this product is that it’s very light to handle, yet it’s powerful as a beast. For its asking price, it works much better than what you may think.
  • The cable on this thing is pretty long enough. So, you can easily move the machine back and forth without any fuss. Also, the wheels on this mower can be separated for easy storage.
The Bad Things:
  • If the grass on your lawn is of waist height, you may be better off with some other product. This thing is perfect for lawns with shorter grass.
5. Makita DLM431Z Twin 18v / 36v LXT Cordless
top lawn mowers
If you dislike trailing cables, you should consider the Makita DLM431Z Twin 18v / 36v LXT Cordless mower without any second thoughts. Despite being a battery-operated unit, it cuts grass like a prime Mike Tyson pounding on his underdog opponent. Also, it’s easily manoeuvrable during use because of its light and compact body. It hardly needs any pushing. This cordless unit will cut your mowing time in half like no other similar machine out there. The designers have done everything possible to make this a people-pleasing product.
The Good Things:
  • This Makita mower is easy to start and stop. Plus, it’s very quiet during operation. Better yet, this cordless machine doesn’t vibrate a lot.
  • The mower is very maneuverable. So, you won’t get tired pushing it around. And, the battery on this thing lasts long enough to cut an entire lawn.
  • This thing sucks up every bit of grass and leaves like nobody’s business. Also, the grass box has a good capacity to it. This mower truly lives up to all the claims.
The Bad Things:
  • Although the grass box is pretty easy to empty and replace, you will have to be careful when emptying the full box because it may lead to some spillage.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Electric Lawn Mower

When choosing an electric lawn mower, there are a few important features you need to look out for:
Power: Electric mowers have come a long way, but you may be concerned that they don’t have the same power output as your old gas mower. Cordless lawn mowers have rechargeable lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, cutting you free from an extension cord, allowing you to get around to where you need to mow with ease.

Look for an electric mower with a battery that recharges quickly and holds enough power to mow your entire lawn. Some electric mowers come with multiple batteries, extending the time you can mow. The best electric mowers have lightweight batteries, making it easy to maneuver your mower without tiring yourself out.

Performance: An electric lawn mower needs to perform on par with a gas mower, and battery size and run time are a good indication of how large of a lawn the mower can handle. Look for a mower that can mow your lawn without requiring a recharge. One of the best features of electric lawn mowers is the option to raise or lower the entire cutting deck with the pull of a single lever. This helps keep the cutting level and makes it more convenient to adjust your mower height.

Electric lawn mowers are very safe to use and have additional safe-start methods beyond the bailout bar found on nearly every mower, gas or electric. Electric mowers may require a key or lever to be in place before the motor will even start. This helps you keep safe as you mow. Releasing the bailout bar as you mow stops the blade from spinning, reducing potential cuts if you have to clean out a jammed blade.

Another important factor is how the mower disposes of grass clippings. Electric mowers can have a rear discharge bag, a side discharge chute or a mulching option. The best mowers offer two or all of these options. Mulching is especially handy, as it chops up the clippings and returns them to your lawn. This keeps you from having to rake clippings, if you have kept up on your mowing.

The majority of electric mowers require you to move the mower with your own strength, but if you need assistance in pushing the mower, look for a lawn mower that has a self-propel function to help you cut your lawn with less effort.

Mower Design: While they all are built for the same function, each electric lawn mower is designed differently. The materials the cutting blade is made of can make the mower heavier or lighter, as well as more resistant to gouging, nicks and scrapes. A heavier lawn mower can be difficult for homeowners who have trouble pushing a heavy machine with a full bag of clippings around. Large wheels make it easier to turn and push the mower, so consider the wheel size, especially if you have a lengthy lawn.

Take into consideration the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn with plenty of shrubbery or trees to cut around, you may want to go with a mower with a narrower cutting path. Large, rectangular or square lawns will benefit from a mower with a wide cutting path. The best electric lawn mowers for large yards have an average cutting path of 20 inches, as it will take fewer passes to complete the cutting.

Size of the cutting deck: Wider cutting deck = faster trimming time. Nevertheless, mowers with wider cutting deck can be quite bulky. If you don’t have much storage space for a lawn mower, avoid choosing a model with a large cutting deck.

Grass bag: Unless you already have a leave blower of some sort, collecting clippings manually can be a very frustrating and time consuming experience. If you want to save time, get an electric lawn mower that comes with a detachable grass bag so that it can mulch and bag at the same time. Why waste time when you can do everything at once?

Blade: Always make sure that it is equipped with a steel blade that’s durable.

Size of the wheels: When it comes to mowing, larger is always better and faster. A mower with larger wheels will be easier to handle, even when the terrain is uneven or rough. As a rule of thumb, choose models with at least 7-inch-diameter wheels in the rear for maximum support and ease of use.

Self-Propelled: Although using a lawn mower is just like pushing a cart, it does require energy to push, especially when it is a heavy mower. If you have an uneven yard with irregular contour, buying an electric lawn mower that features self-propelled is a must as it can save you a lot of energy while maneuvering it.

Safety: Always choose an electric lawn mower that is designed with safety in mind. Safety features such as blade-brake and rubber flap are there to protect you.

Warranty and Support: High-quality support for an electric lawn mower is important, since your grass continues to grow whether or not your mower is functioning. Choose the companies that offer timely email and phone support, convenient service center locations, and thorough information to help you get the most out of your mower. Also choose electric lawn mowers that come with at least a 2-year warranty.


An electric lawn mower is an eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered mower. They run quieter, require little to no upkeep and cut as efficiently as a regular lawn mower. Finding the right electric lawn mower doesn’t have to be a chore; use my reviews and the above criteria to help determine which electric mower is the right one for your lawn’s cutting needs.