Best Post Hole Digger in UK

Best Post Hole Digger in UK

Digging a hole without the proper tools is almost impossible, especially when clay is involved. Not everyone can afford to pay for backhoe services and sometimes the job does not call for such action. The solution is the post hole digger, which is designed to cut through the toughest soils and small rocks. While it may seem a simple task to shop for a post hole digger, just the slightest imperfection could alter the digging process and render the tool useless. To help you find the perfect post hole digger, we have included a few short reviews of several brands.

Best Post Hole Digger in UK

Roughneck 68260 Post Hole Digger
Roughneck 68260 Post Hole Digger
The Roughneck 68260 Post Hole Digger is designed to deliver exceptional control and comfort. The T-handle is covered with a rubberized material that will offer cushioning and a firm grip, even when your hands become moistened with sweat.
The augur is very durable, so it will handle most types of soil and small rocks. To ensure durability, the post hole digger is constructed from heavy gauge steel, followed by a heat treatment process. In addition to this, the shaft has been welded in a manner that will ensure longevity.

Notable Specifications

  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel
  • T-handle with rubberized grips
  • Weighs only 3.70 kilograms
  • Augur design
  • Blades have hardened, sharp tips

Overall Assessment
The Roughneck 68260 Post Hole Digger is ideal for cutting through tough soil and small rocks. The design of handle ensures full control, comfort and a speedy operation. The post hole digger works as guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Draper 24414 1050MM Fence Post Auger
Draper 24414 1050MM Fence Post Auger
While beauty is not a necessity, when you are talking about a post hole digger, the Draper 24414 is sleek, with a vivid blue coating. The fence post augur is designed with a T-handle to ensure full control, comfort and a firm grip during operation. The handle and base are constructed for heavy-duty tubular steel to ensure durability and longevity.

The Draper 24414 measures 1050 millimeters in length, allowing you to reach deep into the ground. The sharp, hardened tips on the augur will cut through some of the toughest dirt, as well as small pebbles.

Notable Specifications

  • Measures 1050 millimeters in length and 150 millimeters in diameter
  • T-handle for full control and speedier digging
  • Constructed from durable tubular steel
  • Augur has sharp, hardened bits that will grind through dirt and small rocks
  • Weight – 3.51 kilograms

Overall Assessment
Draper has shown to provide consumers with some of the highest-quality tools on the market. And its 24414 Fence Post Augur is no different, as it is constructed from premium materials and designed to get the job done quicker and smoother.

Spear & Jackson Landscaping And Fencing Post Hole Digger
Spear & Jackson Landscaping And Fencing Post Hole Digger
If you are on the market for a post hole digger that will guarantee a speedy process, you should look no further than the Spear & Jackson brand. This company has shown to deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction with every product it sells. And, its landscaping and fencing post hole digger is no different, as it is constructed from premium materials.

The steel spades are designed to cut through dirt and small rocks, while scooping up the debris so it can be relocated. This eliminates the need to stoop and scoop out the dirt by hand. The handles are constructed from ash wood, which is known for its durability and longevity.

Notable Specifications

  • Great for digging fence post holes
  • Steel blades are hardened
  • Oval mouth allows for easy and quick removal of soil
  • Ash wood handles are designed to last
  • Weighs just 4.13 kg

Overall Assessment
The Spear and Jackson Post Hole Digger is great in many categories. It is a little costlier, but it’ll prove to be well worth it in the long run. It is very durable, easy to use, and surprisingly lightweight. If you need to dig a hole quickly, this tool is worth checking out.

Oypla Post Hole Fence Manual Hand Drill Digger
Oypla Post Hole Fence Manual Hand Drill Digger

Are you looking for something that will be a little easier to use? Some diggers require you to slam the blades down into the dirt with a lot of force. The Oypla Post Hole Digger does not. This is the case, because it is equipped with an earth auger. This makes the job much easier than you could ever imagine. Plus, this tool is manufactured using high-grade steel. It is capable of digging holes up to 6 inches in diameter. Just stab the point into the ground and turn the handle. Before you know it, you’ll have a 6-inch hole.

Notable Specifications

  • Made with durable steel
  • Can make holes up to six inches in diameter
  • Much easier to use
  • Features an earth auger
  • Weighs just a little over 2 kg

Overall Assessment
The Oypla Post Hole Digger is a good choice for anyone who wants to get the job done quicker and easier. It is lightweight and very easy to use!

Silverline GT41 Post Hole Digger
Silverline GT41 Post Hole Digger
The Silverline GT41 Post Hole Digger is a cost-effective solution. It is very easy to use and can definitely get the job done quicker than many of the alternatives. This product is equipped with 300mm blades, which are capable of digging holes with a 5-inch diameter. The 1200mm hardwood handle is very easy to use. Just make sure you wear gloves or you might develop blisters along the way. This post hole digger weighs 3.5 kg, so it won’t wear you out too quickly.

Notable Specifications

  • Weighs just 3.5 kg
  • Tough hardwood handle
  • Can dig holes with a 5-inch diameter
  • Removes soil exceptionally well
  • Steel blades are hardened for improved longevity and effectiveness

Overall Assessment
The Silverline GT41 Post Hole Digger is a great investment. It works great and is surprisingly easy to use. Just remember to wear your gloves and you won’t have any trouble digging moderate to big holes with this tool.

What is Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger, also known as a auger, is a great tool designed for earthmoving tasks. They are used to dig holes to install posts, such a for fences and signs. It’s a must-have tool if you are more of a DIY person for maintaining your garden. There are different types of post hole digger such as manual and gas powered.

The standard manual posthole digger features six foot long handles for extra depth rather than the standard five foot handles. Maximum effective depth of the tool is ¾ the length of the handles so this handle will allow you to dig a four foot deep hole. The handles are made from a strong hardwood and covered with a clear varnish. This clear coating helps you to see the condition of the wood under it. Some companies paint their handles and use inferior woods. The handles of the tool are rounded at the top for ease of use and square at the bottom for strength where that fasten to the blades.

How Post Hole Digger works

Augers are drilling devices or drill bits that usually have a helical screw blade that rotates. The screw blade acts as a screw conveyor by removing the material that the auger drills out. The material moves out of the hole that one is drilling as the blade rotates. An earth auger is an auger used to dig holes into the soil such as post holes. It is also known as a post hole digger or soil auger.

An earth auger can be a handheld device that is manually turned or it can be powered by an engine. The engine can be electric powered, gasoline powered or the auger can be attached to a tractor where it gets its power from the power take off system of the tractor. An earth auger is used in the construction field to dig holes for deep foundation piles and for piles that form a piling retaining wall.

They are the ideal tool to use when you want to remove a lot of soil from a hole fast. It can come as a small handheld tool or as a powerful earth mover able to dig holes that are up to seven feet deep. There are several types of earth augers available and it is important to know how each one of them works so that you can know which one will work best for you.

The basic post hole digger is the first type and it is commonly used by farmers and gardeners. It features a long pole that has a handle on one end. The handle enables the tool’s user to hold onto it as he or she moves and twists the auger around the earth. Earth augers that have a number of boring tools such as small cutting blades or large ones are also available. You can also find attachments that are able to turn the basic earth auger into a tool that can be used for drilling. An example of such an attachment is a tripod.

Manual post hole diggers are usually two to three feet in length and most of them have a pole and handle. The other type of auger used for making holes in the soil is the well boring auger. It is a useful tool for digging wells and it removes or cuts soil from a well’s bottom by utilizing a round cutting edge instead of a drill. When using this type of auger, one lifts and lowers it using a tripod-like structure.

Usually, an engine is used to power a well boring earth auger even though animals are used in certain parts of the world. When it is using an exterior power source, the source of power turns the horizontal gears, which then drive the Kelly bar. The bar then lowers or raises according to the gears’ dictates. The other type of earth auger available is the two-man auger. It is a large auger and the common power source it uses is a gas engine.

How to use Post Hole Digger

Before using the manual post hole digger, please check with your local utilities for the location of any underground gas, water or electrical lines. Wear proper gloves to protect your hands from blisters and as in using any tool protect your eyes with safety glasses. You are now ready to dig.

Mark the location of your hole to be dug. Hold the handles of the tool together and raise the tool as high as you can safely. Drive the tool into the ground. Pull the handles away from each other and lift the tool from the ground. Move it to a safe place and pull the handles away from each other to remove the dirt that is between the blades. Turn the handles 90 degrees and drive the tool back into the ground in the same place you began. Continue these steps until you have reached the depth that you wish to be at.

If you have a larger job to do that involves many holes or digging in very hard ground you may want to look into a power earth auger. Remember though, as you’re looking for post hole diggers, to buy only from a reputable manufacturer. Although for many people, at a company such as SpeedCo, tractor models and augers come first to mind, they also have a quality assortment of posthole diggers.

And remember that you are going to need a second person to help operate the power auger. The manual post hole digger can easily be carried to remote locations and can be operated with only one person.