Essential Gardening Tools

Essential Gardening Tools

The first thing you want to have for your garden endeavors, is a good quality set of garden tools that help with your day to day gardening tasks. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are certain tools that make your work much easier. The types of tools you need, will depend on the type of gardening that you will be doing and your budget. Try to get the best tools that you can afford, so that they last longer and can be repaired when needed, instead of having to be replaced.

Anyone who has had to rake leaves and debris from their garden knows that the right rake makes the job a lot easier and faster. Rakes are a must have item in any outdoor garden and come in various sizes, materials and shapes.

Try looking for one that feels light and comfortable when raking and is made of material that doesn’t rust. I find that having two rakes of different sizes (one larger and a smaller one) for different surfaces, is more helpful.

Bypass Pruners
Pruners are so handy in the garden and a necessary item for the gardener. They have many uses from pruning your roses and climbing plants, to clipping and cutting the spent blooms from flowers and other plants. You can also use them for shaping small bushes and shrubs.

Loppers are longer handled type pruners that can be used to trim taller and thicker branches from trees and shrubs.

Grass Clippers
These are good to have when you want to trim grass around difficult to get to areas, such as, around plant pots, behind or around rocks, corners and spots in your garden that your lawnmower can’t reach.

A shovel is always needed when turning the ground, to start a new bed for vegetables or flowers, as well as adding compost into the ground or removing plants and roots. They are good for preparing the soil and digging the hole in the area where large plants, bushes, shrubs and trees will be placed. They can also be used for outlining and removing grass, when renovating your landscape.

This is a handy tool for your compost bin, to turn the compost material and help to aerate the soil.

Hand Trowel/Hand Cultivator
Any kind of small digging and raking can be done with these tools, that are handy for container gardening and many other areas of your garden. Planting new plants, removing and re-potting, as well as, adding organic nutrients to your soil. Small cultivators are good for loosening clumps of soil in small areas of your garden and in your containers.

Gardening Hoe
This is a good tool to use for cultivating a larger area of your garden and to mix compost and organic matter into the soil.

Weeder Tool
A weeder tool is handy for pulling weeds out of small areas, like in the grass and between plants etc… There are smaller ones, that I use in my pots and containers and for pulling weeds around the yard. You can also get a long handled one, for less strain on your back, depending on your preference.

Garden Hose
What is an outdoor garden without a hose? A garden hose is a must, for any gardener who has an outdoor garden and wants to make it easier and quicker to water a large area of their yard. Also a garden hose is good for washing the patio and garden furniture, as well as watering your grass.

Watering Wand
For watering plants that are hard to reach and also for delicate plants that have sensitive leaves.

Watering Can
A watering can can be used for smaller watering chores in any garden area.

Knee Pads
If you spend long hours outdoors in your garden, whether digging, planting or pulling weeds, you know that your knees can get pretty sore, if they aren’t protected. Knee Pads or a pad under your knees is a good way to save them from a tough work-out.

Garden Gloves
A definite must have item for any type of garden work. There are so many types of gloves for different uses, so having a few for light work and thicker ones, for when you are handling plants like roses, etc…, is a good idea.

Broom and Dustpan
For cleanups, a broom and dustpan are essential items to have inside and outside, around your garden.

Lawn Chair, Bench Or Chair
A comfortable garden seat is one of the best things to have, so you can sit in your garden, relax, appreciate and enjoy your work and your garden.

As a long time gardener, who has been gardening for many years, I know that having good quality tools and accessories can help make your garden creativity a more enjoyable activity!

Caution should always be taken when handling any cutting tools and wearing the proper safety equipment is recommended.