Home Garden Tips: Growing Roses

Home Garden Tips: Growing Roses

Growing roses really be a rewarding endevour with some good looking flowers in your home garden as a result. The thing is roses are not a flower known to be easy to maintain. What this means to you is that you might need some quality tools and the time to properly maintain your rose bushes. Get it right and you stand to enjoy fresh and beautiful roses in your home garden.

The first step required is gong to be a quality pair of hand shears. Get quality shears that you can keep sharp for best results. Your shears will need to cut through a rose stem with one slick but. We have has shears that just crushed the stems and they went right into the trash. Roses can pick up diseases and a poor cut leaves them open to problems.

I like having protection against the thorns rose have so I like gloves that can keep my hands safe. They have even kept me from snipping my fingers a couple of times over the years.

At one time it would have been the best advice to head off to your local nursery but it’s not always as easy and looking online. We do go to the local nursery a few times during the year, just not during the winter. That’s the time I spend planning and finding new info online.

When I am at the local nursery I like to pick their brain for local climate or info about our growing zone so I pick the right roses for our area.

Once You Have Your Rose Bush

Roses, once they are planted, will require regular watering if you don’t get enough rain to feed them about an inches of water per week. This means you may have to water them by hand or install an irrigation system to take care of the roses.

Water is of course vital to your the continued health of your roses but the ground you put them in is important as well. Any how to grow roses guide would include info about adding compost to the solid to keep it healthy.

I’m not done yet, I also put mulch around the roses to help maintain moisture levels and save on water. I put about two inches of organic mulch. It also cuts right down on weeds giving me time for other things.

Pruning Your Roses

Pruning your roses is critical to having more blossoms and helps to get rid of any non producing growth. Always get rid of any dead or damaged branches. Pruning is also good to keep your rose bush under control and not over grown.

As the weather gets chillier, you need to now know not only how to grow roses but to protect them, too. Cover them as the weather gets cold, specifically when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees to preclude being frost bitten. You may purchase burlap bags to go over all of the elevated parts.

Beautiful roses can be enjoyed anywhere in the country as long as you have the right materials and time to dedicate to their expansion.