How To Build Your Own Compost Tumbler

How To Build Your Own Compost Tumbler

When it comes to making your own compost one of the key things to remember is aeration. This is because the bacteria that will break down the materials you place in yours need oxygen to carry out the process of aerobic respiration. If they are unable to do this then of course you won’t be creating rich compost for your garden. Why not think building a compost tumbler for your garden rather than investing in ones that are already made.

Most people simply don’t have the money to invest and building your own won’t only save you time, but can actually also save you money. In this article we take you through the steps needed if you decide to make your own compost tumbler.

Step 1 – You need to purchase a plastic drum along with some PVC or galvanized steel pipe. Such items are readily available through your local DIY or hardware store. However if you are having problems purchasing such items locally then there are numerous places where such can be brought online. The drum you purchase should be able to hold between 20 and 55 gallons. As for the pipe the PVC type should be around 48 inches long and 2 inches in diameter and of 80 PVC. As for the galvanized steel pipe this should measure around 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

Also you will need to purchase some wood and nails as this is what you will be using to make a frame on which the compost tumbler you are making will stand.

Step 2 – Once you have brought the drum home you now need to drill holes in the center of the top and bottom of it. The holes that you drill must be of a size that are large enough for the pipe you have purchased to go as this is what you will be using for an axle.

Step 3 – After drilling the holes you now need to pass the post or pipe through the holes that you have drilled in the center.

Step 4 – Now is the time to make the frame. To do this you nail together 2x4s pieces of wood together that measure are 1.5 inches high and 3.5 inches wide into an x-frame. Then you need to nail two 2x4s pieces of woods across the feet of the X you have created as these will provide the support for the device you have built.

Step 5 – Now when it comes to building a compost tumbler you simply have to place the barrel with the pipe running through it in the wooden frame you have made. Then you need to drill holes into the barrels body with a bit measuring 1 inch. This will then help to provide aeration to the contents inside and so help to speed up the process of decomposition. When it comes to turning the barrel you simply use the pipe or post to do this.