How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

Three major reasons why you should regularly clean your garbage disposal units.

  • First is that it allows you to enjoy a kitchen that is free from offensive odors.
  • Second is that it allows you to use the garbage disposal unit at its peak efficiency.
  • Then third it allows you to use the unit for a longer period of time given that you observe proper and regular maintenance practices.

So how do you ensure that you remove the unwanted odors that may emanate from your unit?
There are three tried and proven ways:

  1. You should learn how to purge the drain line that connects the garbage disposal to your sink. You can do this by filling your sink with 2-4 inches of water as you plug your drain.  As soon as this is accomplished you have to remove the drain plug and turn the garbage disposal on making sure that the amassed liquid is collected on the drain line.
  2. Mix a gallon of water and a tablespoon of chlorine bleach and pour it down the drain letting it settle there for at least 10 minutes. While you wait you make sure that you are ready to pour a significant amount of pure cold water down the pipe.
  3. Mixing baking soda and white vinegar is your ticket to an odorless unit. Allow the solution to be absorbed usually you would hear a fizzling sound as an indicator that the solution is at work fighting odor causing bacteria inside. As soon as you are don do not forget to cap off the activity by flushing hot water down the drain.

Now that your unit id odor free, what do you need to do to make sure that it is free from debris?
Garbage disposal items are integrated with rotating impellers and grinders bith in the side and at the bottom to make sure that whatever you put in there would be pulverized and flushed effectively. But we all know that is not always the case.
The moment that you suspect that something is trapped inside your unit the first thing you have to do is to unplug the switch and turn off the circuit breaker. You have to do this as a precautionary method because you don’t want some accidents while you probe and do away with the trapped debris.

Most garbage disposal units come with tools that allow you to reach hard to reach areas at the bottom and at the side. It is recommended that you use this to physically remove any particles that inhibit your unit from running smoothly.
In the end nothing is more beneficial than a proactive approach to things. If you do not have the luxury of time to perform these cleaning tips the best way to keep your garbage disposal unit clean is to avoid materials that may cause to clog it or manifest odor in the long run. You can accomplish this by placing a large note that is conspicuous enough for everyone using the sink to see- sparing you from the agony of having to deal with it yourself.