How To Build Your Own Compost Tumbler

When it comes to making your own compost one of the key things to remember is aeration. This is because the bacteria that will break down the materials you place in yours need oxygen to carry out the process of aerobic respiration. If they are unable to do this then ….

Tips for Pruning Lavender

Pruning lavender helps you keep the plant’s proper shape, encourage the right type of growth and get more blooms out of your plants each year. This type of cutting if different than harvesting your lavender’s flower heads for various uses, and it is an important management tool to keep your ….

Best Plants For Bees

What are the best plants for honey bees? What are the plants that bees love? And why should we care? Why should we make sure we plant bee friendly gardens? Because thanks to a mystery illness called Colony Collapse Disorder, Bees need all the help they can get. Worldwide honeybee ….

How to Choose the Best Backyard Greenhouse

How do you choose the best backyard greenhouse for your garden? Here in the UK, a greenhouse is a necessity for many gardeners if they want somewhere to protect non-hardy plants from the damage that can be wrought by winter frosts. However, thanks to the huge range of greenhouses that ….

Essential Gardening Tools

The first thing you want to have for your garden endeavors, is a good quality set of garden tools that help with your day to day gardening tasks. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are certain tools that make your work much easier. The types of tools you need, will depend ….

Tips On Installing Bird House Feeders In Your Garden

If your hobby is bird watching, you can place bird house feeders in your garden. This is an easy way to attract birds and thus you can enjoy their sight from the comfort of your home. Bird house feeders are not the same like typical feeders that hang in the ….

7 Flowering Plants For Indoor Decorating

During the Winter, many a gardener, like me, enjoys bringing a bit of the outdoors in, to brighten up and give a feeling of warmth to our indoor atmosphere. Many flowering garden plants can be potted and taken in during the winter, like impatiens, geraniums and begonias. These are plants ….

Bring Lives To Your Garden In Winter With A Robin Bird House

Sometimes you may find that it is difficult to enjoy your garden during winter months, but with a robin bird house, the situation will change. You can watch from the comfort of your warm kitchen how birds are flocking into your usually quiet garden. Robins are common during this time ….

Tips to build a bird house

Many bird watchers want to know how to build a bird house in their backyard. Some bird houses are easy to assemble by only using some spares of wood that lay forgotten around the house. On the other hand, other bird houses are complex and build to resemble an elaborate ….