Reusing Water in the Balcony Garden

Reusing Water in the Balcony Garden

Wasting is one of my pet peeves and it’s especially true when it comes to water. After all, despite the fact our planet has large oceans they are full of salt and people can’t drink from the sea unless the liquid passes through a desalination process.  Since arid regions are the ones that mainly build desalination plants the rest of us need to make due with what we have.

The problem is we sometimes use water faster than the reserves are replenished. That being the case the most important thing we can do is conserve in whichever way we can as every drop counts.

In spring  many of us tending to gardens this is often a challenging task. My own situation is a little different as I have a balcony garden. Nevertheless I’m still cautious about how much water I use there.

One change I’ve made is instead of filling a bottle from the tap each day to feed my herbs and few vegetables I try to reuse water from wherever I can uncover it around the house.

Some places I’ve found leftover water include the following:


At just about any time of the day in my home water can be found on the stovetop either from boiled vegetables, eggs, or some drops in the kettle. It could sometimes amount to a gallon of water just sitting there before a family member decides to pour it down the drain.

Since taking note of this I’ve been using it to water plants on my balcony garden, even if it’s beyond drinking quality.


It often takes a few minutes for the stream of water coming into the shower to warm up yet while the temperature is getting closer to my liking gallons of water are being wasted. That’s why a local plumbing contractor once told me to keep a bucket in the bathroom to catch water from the shower that isn’t yet warm and use it for other things like watering plants.

I started doing it and found there was sometimes enough leftover to water a neighbor’s garden too.  If there was still some remaining I’d use it for washing the floors or flushing the toilet.


If I’ve just quenched my thirst or finished a meal and have a bit of water or tea left in a glass I’ve found pouring that little bit by the roots of a plant on the balcony can give it a little extra ‘oomph’ on a hot day.

That said I would stay away from juices as some are too acidic for roots systems and soil.


If you have a pet like a cat, dog, or bird you most likely change their water one or twice a day. If you have fish, this might be less often but it’s still part of the routine.

All this water is perfect food for plants in the garden or in my case the balcony garden.

Otherwise it’s wasted H2O.

So there you have it; a few ways to conserve water by reusing it from places around the house for your plants. It sometimes requires a little extra thought to be reminded where else it comes in handy but after a while it becomes second nature and you’ll never forget again.