Simple Organic Lawn Care Will Green Up Your Grass

Simple Organic Lawn Care Will Green Up Your Grass

If you want to put some organic lawn care and some extra green into your lawn, and into your life, or, if you just want to avoid using chemical fertilizers, weed sprays and bug killers to keep your grass looking healthy, the organic alternative is viable and easy.

There are plenty of products with organic formulas that will give good results and will produce a wonderful blanket of green. The envy of drive by garden experts and over the fence gazing neighbors alike, who can marvel at how your lawn enhances the beauty of your house.

Do wonders for the environment

In addition to curb appeal and lack of chemicals the organically managed and well maintained green patch around the house does wonders for the environment by filtering dust and other pollutants from the air. Healthy grass also can absorb car exhaust like carbon dioxide sulfer dioxide, filter rainfall, prevent erosion and run-off, and provide unadulterated lawn clippings for your all important composting system. It’s not much use calling the spray truck to deal with lawn problems and then dump the lawn clippings on your organic garden.

Organic formulas are available

I know; calling your local “Mr Green” garden maintenance service has it’s appeal. A few bucks and the job is done. Trouble is, when you decide on organic for your veggies you have more or less committed to the whole deal. That means your complete property is a green zone. But, don’t despair you will be giving your family the grass, the flowers the fruit and the vegetables that they can love. It’s really that simple,you are just changing your buying habits a bit for the sake of the kids.

You can start today

Don’t worry, you can start your lawn care ritual today! Simply visit your local gardening or home improvement center, and find the products that you want to use. If you’ve got problems with weeds, you can find organic weed killers. If harmful bugs, are your concern, you can find organic lawn treatments to get rid of them. There are also some products that will be less damaging to beneficial insects. And if you just want a fresh, soft green lawn, you can find organic products that can help your lawn grow without the use of pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

Friendly to people and the earth

It therefore goes without saying that any product that you apply to your lawn should be friendly to people and to the earth. Synthetic fertilizers that are high in nitrogen can produce a green and healthy looking lawn but they can also encourage negative effects like fungus and attract unwanted insects like cinch bugs. A chemically dependent lawn eventually loses the natural ability to discourage insects and bacteria . The use of organic alternatives like well decomposed compost can be more beneficial over the longer term. Combine these with the inorganic products from your local garden supplier.

Organic products might cost a little more because of the methods used to produce them, but you won’t spend any more on organic lawn care than you would with chemicals and harsh treatments, because the organic products will work better and last longer, in most cases. They also are more effective in protecting the turf against weeds and moulds, other diseases and harmful insects.

Unwanted weeds and insects

Organic gardeners have a number of ecologically friendly ways to deal with unwanted weeds and unwelcome insects. Weed control is basically a simple matter of deciding which weeds to keep and which to get rid of. In many areas it comes down to removing weeds by hand. To be more specific; removing dandelions by hand and living with the rest. After all you can cut or smother the rest, but, the dandelions, well, you are going to have to go to the hardware store and buy a dandelion remover, which by the way works like a charm, but does mean a small physical contribution from you. I have found that kids love to use this tool. I think it’s the way they have to flick the weed onto the driveway. Fascinating to watch!!

An electric lawn mower can help

If you’re looking for a organically compatible way to mow your lawn than using a gas powered lawn mower, consider investing in an electric mower to keep your lawn looking trimmed and neat. Also the old reel type push mower will do the job. Not for me but some people like them. I prefer the electric reel mower, the kind they use on cricket pitches in England. These eliminate the emissions you would put into the air with a gas mower, and they’re much easier to maintain. And the neighbors don’t complain as much on Sunday morning!! It’s also more affordable, because when they run out of power, you just plug them in and charge them, instead of spending hundreds on gasoline each year.

Shade for the grass roots

Whatever type of machine you use remember that for a healthy good looking lawn keep the blades on the mower fairly high maybe 2-3 inches depending on the weather. You want to provide some shade for grass roots, and you might even deter the weed situation. Remember that your lawn is a living breathing micro climate continually taking in the bad stuff and cleaning the air – producing oxygen and transpiring water vapor. A giant air conditioner.

Overall, organic lawn care is just one more way to show you have concerns about the environment and are doing your little bit to improve things. With many cities towns and municipalities banning the spraying of chemical pesticides and herbicides it is becoming important to find other ways to deal with insect and weed problems, Organic is that alternative!

Other organic lawn care elements include gardening, landscaping, and overall maintenance.