Tips On Installing Bird House Feeders In Your Garden

Tips On Installing Bird House Feeders In Your Garden

If your hobby is bird watching, you can place bird house feeders in your garden. This is an easy way to attract birds and thus you can enjoy their sight from the comfort of your home. Bird house feeders are not the same like typical feeders that hang in the air because they are much bigger in size. Normally they are made of wood and designed to accommodate birds that tend to flock like pigeons.

There are different types of food for different types of birds. Therefore, you should make sure that you get the right food in the bird house feeders. You should find out first the native birds around your area to figure out the right food for them. Small birds usually prefer small feeds like millet while big birds like bigger feeds like grains.

When you have decided to place these bird house feeders, the first thing to consider is the location. They have to be placed somewhere that cannot be accessed easily by predators. In this case, they have to be at least six feet from the ground with no post or other objects that may allow cats to get up and access the bird house feeders. It is a normal thing for these bird house feeders to be occupied by birds so it is better to posted them above a pole rather than nailed them on branches. Squirrels can climb trees and steal the food while cats can attack the birds.

You need to clean the bird house feeders regularly to prevent the development of bacteria that can harm birds. You should understand that some bird food can turn rancid or even develop molds if you leave it for weeks. This condition is harmful for the birds and the person who cleans the feeders. In addition, the rotting food can affect the bird house feeders and thus they become susceptible to rot as well. Therefore, it is important to clean the feeders properly and regularly.

Sometimes, parasites and insects can grow in these bird house feeders. In order to prevent this state, you need to inspect the feeders periodically to find out whether other animals have invested them. This level of caring is essential to make sure that the bird house feeders function properly and bring more life to your garden. For a bird watching enthusiast, it is a fun thing to observe birds in their natural lives. This is a good way to fulfill your hobby and beautify your garden.